Clive Lewis appointed as Shadow Business and Energy Secretary

Clive Lewis appointed as Shadow Business and Energy Secretary

by Big Mac


Clive Lewis has been appointed as the new Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary as part of Labour’s latest reshuffle.

The Norwich South MP, who was the former Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, has taken over the role from Barry Gardiner.

However Mr Gardiner will still have some responsibility for energy and climate related issues.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said in a tweet: “I know @LabourLewis will bring dynamism to our agenda for 21st century socialism as Shadow Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Secretary.”

Following the new appointment, Mr Lewis added “lots of people are speculating about why I’ve moved to BEIS [Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy]”.

Rachael Maskell has retained her post as Shadow Environment Secretary.

Last month Mr Corbyn pledged Labour would create energy policies “for the 60 million, not the Big Six” if he becomes Prime Minister. The party has also vowed to ban fracking and invest in clean energy instead.

The government recently gave the go-ahead for Cuadrilla to frack at a site in Lancashire, overruling the council’s decision.