Bespoke Systems, built for you

We’re very passionate about our online systems – they’re a big part of what sets us apart from the competition (as well as our great people).

We won’t bamboozle you with the techy stuff, but we will shout about how good our systems are. From instant cost, consumption, carbon and CRC reporting through to Market Eye, our bespoke broker trading screens; rest assured, our online systems have got everything covered.

Julian Carter, Operations Director, said:

“In today’s world, the need for access to clear, concise information has never been greater. This fact has inspired BIU to develop, without compromise, a set of completely unique and powerful online energy, cost, consumption and carbon systems.”

Front of house


BIU247 provides our clients with intuitive, on-line access to high level management information across all utilities across multiple sites. Delivering instant cost, consumption, carbon and CRC reporting, BIU247 is viewed as being market leading by the UK’s largest energy suppliers. Click here to log in.

Get in touch if you fancy having a look for yourself. One of our techies will guide you through it.

BIU’s back office systems


Designed to BIU’s exacting standards, Empire is the product of more than 10 years development. Created to manage customers with large, complex estates and up to seven years historical data. Empire is the most powerful core system in the industry.


BIU processes, validates and approves payment for over 500,000 invoices per annum. VEGA allows BIU to not only process this volume efficiently, but to deliver refunds and savings that provide an unrivalled return on investment.

Market Eye

Market Eye consolidates energy price data from the four primary broker screens which display wholesale prices. This gives BIU’s energy traders a unique ability to capitalise on market movements as they take place.