We are BiU

British Independent Utilities (BiU) is the UK’s leading energy and utility consultancy, with over 21 years’ experience and knowledge making us the most effective consultancy for energy and utility management, reduction, and compliance.

About BiU

Dedicated to utilities – so much so, we put our name to it – British Independent Utilities, but you can call us BiU.​

Being Together

We’ll help you recover lost revenue on yesterday’s energy bills, recommend savings for today’s bills and help you future proof tomorrow’s energy expenses – a joined up solution to your energy portfolio with a dedicated team.

Being Bold

From our CEO pioneering renewable anaerobic digestion and being shortlisted as Energy Champion 2019 by the Energy Institute through to our in-house developers building industry-leading software licensed by the military – we love what we do.

Being Imaginative

Our industry leading analysts paired with innovative technology means your data is used in detail to maximise your return on energy expenditure – sometimes with creative solutions to tackle your energy expenditure.

Being Responsible

We support our local community, champion green energy, raise money monthly for staff nominated charities and even started our own forest!


Sustainable growth from 2 pioneers in 1997 to over a 110 strong team based in St Annes today, with 1 mission, 1 vision and 4 values in it’s DNA.

Our Reputation

We’re proud to work with the biggest hotel brands in the UK and NHS trusts alike – oh, we also service over 45% of the UK’s supermarkets too!

Our team

We employ over 110 members of staff – servicing some of the largest and most complex utility portfolios in the UK and meet client’s individual needs in a changing utility landscape.

We have team members who’ve been with us for over 15 years, and school leavers starting their career within the energy industry working side-by-side in a supportive, progressive and inclusive environment.

Diversity Pioneers

We’ve a 48:52 gender split and over 40% of senior positions, including Directors, held by women. Proud to be Energy Live News’ Diversity Pioneer 2019

Energy Champion

Our CEO, Michael Abbott, was rewarded for a life-time of supporting the industry as a finalist in the 2020 Energy Institutes’ Energy Champion Award

Covid-19 Response

March 2020 saw us change the way we operate, from immediate working from home to protect our staff and community, to supporting our clients through the challenging future that awaited

“Over the last 20 years, BiU has grown from an entrepreneurial start-up to a leader in its field, always performing exceptionally well in its core market – complex major energy users. Everything about BiU has been designed with clients in mind.”

– Michael Abbott, CEO

Unique technology and solutions

From revenue recovery to energy procurement, we provide a full energy and utility consultancy service; heavily orientated around our online services.

Our unique technology provides our customers with the content they want, wrapped in the controls they need, delivered 24 hours a day with unrivalled consistency – we’re on a mission to make BiU the best company to work with, and for our team to work for.

“The entire BiU team is passionate about delivering results for their customers and in my opinion this is the most important aspect of our business. Our people, and their passion to deliver, is the difference we bring to our clients.”

– Anthony Mayall, Chief Commercial Officer