Corporate Responsibility

BiU’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement outlines our commitment to our community, industry and staff.

Our Community

We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on our local community. We believe in educating for the future and investing in the knowledge of young people as well as making a positive impact to those in need.


Over the years we’ve invested in local partnerships with the likes of Blackpool & The Fylde College and Lancashire Energy HQ to provide education to young adults on the energy management of the future.

We’ve provided experts in their fields through to resources for courses, hosting students for work experience and holding mock interviews to help them be prepared for their career ahead. As well as training days, work experience and support to students studying apprenticeships, HNDs and business courses from local Sixth form college.

Charitable work

We offer financial support to a wide range of charites, both locally and nationally, nominated by our employees personally associated with them. Every month staff nominate a charity to support for dress down day or the next bake sale.

Every member of staff is given a ‘free’ day off to spend doing charitable work in the community. Whether they choose a charity locally that wish to donate time to, or join in group charitable work –  our Commercial Director was joined by several members of his team over the 2018 festive period to support the homeless.

Fylde Food Bank

We do a weekly collection from staff for Fylde Food Bank that is just 200m from our office in St Annes as well as forgoing our usual staff perks of breakfasts, fun Friday foods and on-demand fruit, nuts and nibbles over the festive period so the money we would have spent on those staff perks are donated to local food banks.

Our Culture

We’re proud of our inclusive culture,  putting the ‘human’ first in all of our people operations before any category or stereotype. We recognise that fulfilment at work comes from a place of shared purpose and mutual respect and work continuously to provide a working environment where everyone can thrive and succeed.

Working with Partners

BiU harnesses the knowledge of our in-house experts to create environmentally responsible energy and utility strategies for our clients.

Through our work in our Revenue Recovery team, we don’t just recover lost savings, we also advise and implement future savings that directly affect the consumption of utilities such as water usage. Our team of water data experts are known for spotting anomalies that end up being the result of leakages or pipe faults, and then taking responsibility to action the change – fixing the water waste, in turn reducing the impact our client has on their environment.

We work closely with our clients to not only help them meet their compliance obligations (ISO50001, ESOS, CRC, SECR et al) but also put in place strategies for lasting energy reduction. For one client, over a 7-year period, we have achieved a 29% reduction in their energy consumption, reducing their Greenhouse Gas emissions significantly as a result.

As part of BiU’s core product services we encourage our clients to invest in green and renewable energy to help reduce our client’s greenhouse gas footprint and help achieve the UK’s overall emission target of 80% reduction by 2050 (from a 1990 baseline) .

Through 2018 and 2019 we’ve built a range of partnerships to bring electrical vehicle charging to clients on a practical, manageable and achievable level to facilitate more efficient cars into their offices, store car parks and warehousing.

BiU: Sustainability

ISO 9001 14001 Certified

BiU are proud to hold to internationally recognised ISO accreditations: 9001 and 14001. ISO9001 recognises Quality Management Systems that benefit the organisation and utilised as a business improvement tool, and allow us to be more resilient to build a more sustainable business. While ISO14001 signifies our commitment to be a more sustainable business through effective environmental management systems (EMS).

In 2019 BiU introduced a new team to the business, our BiU Recycling Champions, that take action in the business to make a difference to our impact on climate change, waste and carbon footprint. From encouraging and supporting small behavioural changes, through to innovative recycling and replacement projects.

As part of the project, we are significantly reducing our usage of plastic and paper, and BiU have seen the introduction of updated recycling practices, smart swaps from single use plastic throughout the company, through to recycling bottle tops, crisp packets and even stamps! We now run 7 recycling or replacement BiU schemes that make a lasting difference to our people and planet without any impact on our staff’s working environment.

We’ve lived in our BiU home for over 10 years, and part of our refurbishment is to replace our old for new energy efficient alternatives, such as old baton fluorescent lamps with LED efficient lighting, and replacing monitoring screens with newer, better energy grade technology. Our continued refurbishment over 2019 will see a range of upgrades and replacements that will better the planet and create better working environments for our teams.