Corporate Responsibility

Our report up to July 2020 on BiU’s impact and targets on the environment, industry, community, people, and net zero.


Michael Abbott, CEO, BIU

“Since BiU’s inception in 1997 we have been totally committed to caring for our colleagues, exceeding client’s expectations, and making a positive impact on our local community and environment here in St Annes. I was delighted when our impact on our people was rewarded for the second time with the coveted ‘Sunday Times Top 100 small businesses to work for’ accolade. Building on this external recognition, we decided to publish our first sustainability and employee report, outlining where we’ve come from, where we are now, and also setting some ambitious targets for the next couple of years, including becoming a net zero company.”

Michael Abbott, Chief Executive Officer, BiU

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BiU: Sustainability

ISO 9001 14001 Certified

BiU are proud to hold to internationally recognised ISO accreditations: 9001 and 14001. ISO9001 recognises Quality Management Systems that benefit the organisation and utilised as a business improvement tool, and allow us to be more resilient to build a more sustainable business. While ISO14001 signifies our commitment to be a more sustainable business through effective environmental management systems (EMS).

In 2019 BiU introduced a new team to the business, our BiU Recycling Champions, that take action in the business to make a difference to our impact on climate change, waste and carbon footprint. From encouraging and supporting small behavioural changes, through to innovative recycling and replacement projects.

As part of the project, we are significantly reducing our usage of plastic and paper, and BiU have seen the introduction of updated recycling practices, smart swaps from single use plastic throughout the company, through to recycling bottle tops, crisp packets and even stamps! We now run 7 recycling or replacement BiU schemes that make a lasting difference to our people and planet without any impact on our staff’s working environment.

We’ve lived in our BiU home for over 10 years, and part of our refurbishment is to replace our old for new energy efficient alternatives, such as old baton fluorescent lamps with LED efficient lighting, and replacing monitoring screens with newer, better energy grade technology. Our continued refurbishment over 2019 will see a range of upgrades and replacements that will better the planet and create better working environments for our teams.