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Our key services are all underpinned by our in-house designed, developed and maintained online systems.

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Market leading system – BiU Fusion & BiU Vision

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We’re very passionate about our software – they’re a big part of what sets us apart from the competition (as well as our great people of course).

From instant cost, consumption, carbon and SECR reporting through BiU Fusion to BiU Vision our bespoke broker trading screens; rest assured, our online systems have got everything covered.

“The need for clear and concise information has never been greater. This inspired BiU to design and develop our most powerful online cost, consumption and carbon program, BiU Fusion.”

– Shaun Clarkson, Chief Operating Officer

BiU Fusion

BiU Fusion provides our clients with intuitive, on-line access to high level management information across all utilities across multiple sites.

Delivering instant cost, consumption, carbon and SECR reporting, our software is viewed as being market leading by the UK’s largest energy suppliers. With powerful integrated and dynamic views, customers can view and interact with high level site energy efficiency information or drill down on their site’s annual usage data a touch of a button, or screen.

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Our software is designed to BiU’s exacting standards – with our newest platform BiU Fusion developed from our knowledge gained building the industry’s Grandfather software, Empire. Fusion is the cumulation over 15 years energy sector specific software development and created to manage customers with large, complex estates and up to seven years historical data. BiU Fusion is the most powerful core system in the industry.

BiU processes, validates and approves payment for over 1,500,000 invoices per annum. So we need software and kit to keep up with the demand from our staff’s abilities. Our software allows BiU to not only process this volume efficiently, but to deliver refunds and savings that provide an unrivalled return on investment.

BiU Fusion

Secure, certified and trusted.

And we’ve got the certificates to show it.

Cyber Essentials Certified
ISO 9001 14001 Certified
BiU Vision

BiU Vision

BiU Vision is our dynamic and insightful energy trading platform giving our clients instant access to their energy portfolio, position, pricing and marketplace.

When we developed BiU Vision it had to match the skills and needs of our entire team to deliver informative and insightful information to our team as well as our clients needs.

BiU Vision risk management suite of tools gives BiU, and our clients, key data of entire portfolios in real time through to live prices showing up-to-the minute cost projections.

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You’re able to quickly see your entire portfolio with full visibility, energy trading graphs to show performance against market, as well as detailed information regarding fully delivered costs, compared against budgets.

Beyond this, clients can view a full breakdown of trading positions, a full trade log showing purchase history as well as access to live pricing.

Instant reports to suit your schedule and appetite from a snapshot of your energy portfolio to our daily market outlook report delivered to your inbox giving you a view of the market prices, any market drivers and risks to note.