BIU Launch REM Team

BIU Launch REM Team

In response to client requests BIU have taken a bold step and invested in a team of Responsive Energy Managers (our REMs).

The REM team are solely focused on implementation of energy reductions and utilitise the BIU Energy Alarms and bespoke software systems to identify areas of wasted energy.  Our REMs are field based and cover all geographical areas within the UK.

Our REMs are all qualified electricians and/or electrical engineers and have a minimum of five years hands on experience in areas such as HVAC, BEMS, LED lighting installation, motors and drives.

We save energy for our customers by actually visiting sites and making the on-site changes that just get lost in the day to day running of the business.  Our REMs log the changes in consumption, inform the site managers of the improvements made and deliver Taas, Training as a Service, with the responsible person at the site.  Our clients tell us this is what works best and is a much better approach than running behavioural change programs that just get put in the bottom drawer…..and forgotten!

Our REMs benefit from the support of the SMARTservices team who are experts in energy management, compliance and project roll out.

We have a dedicated helpline for all our customers which allows them to speak directly with members of the team and answer on the spot queries.