Articles focused around COVID-19 which brought insights into climate change, challenges for our clients and new working practices for our people at BiU.

Volatile times how COVID-19 is affecting wholesale energy prices

Volatile times: how COVID-19 is affecting wholesale energy prices

In the world of global trading, last week made history: for the first time ever, US oil prices dropped below zero and went into negative figures. Oil producers were literally paying buyers to take the oil off their hands. We all know that the COVID-19 virus has had a devastating impact on the world economy, but how exactly did we get to this point?

COVID-19 update from #OneBiU

COVID-19 update from #OneBiU

As with all organisations, BiU has been working hard to adapt to the daily challenges that COVID-19 has presented to our nation and beyond. Our contingency plan ensures that we can continue to deliver our services seamlessly and effectively no matter what the circumstances.