Energy E-Learning

A suite of explainer videos, market updates, on-demand webinars and video resources for the energy professional.

Explainer videos

Learn about BiU, or understand what a CPPA is, with our 3 minute explainer videos on a variety of topics.

We are BiU​

Find out more about BiU in 2 minutes.

Revenue Recovery​

Watch our 2-minute video all about revenue recovery.

Webinars and Round Tables

A selection of bitesize energy and net zero webinars designed to give time-poor energy professionals insights to what they need to know.

BiU Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

All About: Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

Join our senior energy and carbon consultant, Martyn Gilbert, for a webinar all about Climate Change Agreements (CCAs). Learn everything about CCAs such as potential benefits businesses can gain from having one, through to the changes in 2020 that have opened up the opportunity for new applications to the scheme.

Summer economic update – 'Green Jobs' and hospitality round table discussion

Round Table: Summer economic update – ‘Green Jobs’

A round-table discussion between BiU CEO Michael Abbott, CCO Anthony Mayall and head of risk Matt Osborne on several key elements from the chancellor of the exchequer’s Summer Economic Update, affecting the energy industry, net zero agenda and hospitality sector.

Lockdown learning digital round table - energy climate for clients (COVID-19)

Round Table: Energy Climate Spring 2020 – On Demand

Our CCO, Anthony Mayall, joined by a mix of our strategic account managers and risk managers to discuss the current energy climate during COVID-19 from a client’s point of view – and how short term, long term and hurdles have arisen and been resolved in the past 5 weeks.

Addressing net zero webinar

Addressing Net Zero – On Demand

How to address Net-Zero? A common question, and often at the start of many discussions regarding emissions, reporting and strategy. So, our Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Mayall, looks briefly at the top ways an organisation can address net-zero goals for the UK (and globe) and why it’s important, in our brief 12 minute introduction webinar.

Energy Efficiency 2.0 with edie & Direct Line Group

Energy Efficiency 2.0 with edie & Direct Line Group

We join the team at Edie for their webinar focusing on Energy Efficiency 2.0: Scaling up energy reduction strategies in a net-zero world with guests Direct Line Group.

SECR 2020 Webinar

BiU 2020 SECR Masterclass – On Demand

Get an insight into SECR with our up-dated 2020 SECR on-demand webinar – from SECR basics with scope and reporting guidance, through to turning your reporting obligations into opportunities for bottom-line impact and net-zero goals.

Market Drivers for Energy Prices – On Demand

Ever wondered what affects the energy price? Senior Risk Manager, Andrew Anderson-Shepherd, takes you through the myriad of global energy market drivers from the energy “complex” to politics (and of course the weather!) and into geo-economics, and how they create price volatility, minute by minute in this in depth and insightful webinar.

Risk and Budget Assurance

Risks & Budget Assurance – On Demand

Matt Osborne, Head of Risk at BiU, takes to the screen to delve into the key areas to consider when formulating a risk management strategy and options to maximise budget assurance in this risk strategy focused webinar.

Further reading

COVID-19 recovering lost revenue with a utility health check

COVID-19: recovering lost revenue with a utility health check

Organisations post WFH and C19 that plan to retain physical space will be doing a ‘health check’ of their office-related overheads, to see where savings can be made, so an up-to-date utility health check is key for future site planning.

July’s Energy Advice Hub roundup

July’s Energy Advice Hub roundup: green policy to carbon insetting

July’s Energy Advice Hub round up features news from green policy to carbon insetting.

Turning back to old ideas with time of use tariffs

Turning back to old ideas with time of use tariffs

This week we’ve a thought leadership piece from BiU Chief Executive, Michael Abbott. Not every idea has to be a new idea, sometimes rethinking past ideas or technology can prove fruitful, and in this case, Michael looks at how the ‘time of use tariffs’ are sure to make a comeback.