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A suite of explainer videos, market updates, on-demand webinars and video resources for the energy professional.

Explainer videos

Learn about BiU, or understand what a CPPA is, with our 3 minute explainer videos on a variety of topics.

Revenue Recovery

A short video explaining the revenue recovery process

Site Works and Connections

Watch our 3-minute introduction to site works and metering


Watch our 3-minute CPPA explainer video

We are BiU

Find out more about BiU and what makes us different

Net zero

A short explainer video giving you a grounding in net zero

Webinars and Round Tables

Delve into topics from addressing to net zero through to how energy markets are driven week on week with our range of videos on-demand.

To view – simply click the video. If there is any topic you need help with, please contact us.

BiU & Energy Ace – Power factor correction & voltage optimisation

From insights into how power factor correction and voltage optimisation/management works to the applications in businesses across the UK, join us for our latest on-demand webinar with guest, Gary Vizard from Energy Ace.

Watch by clicking on the video.

BiU & Hartree – Making carbon offsetting real

BiU are joined by Hartee Partners’ Ariel Perez, Head of Environmental Products, for a webinar exploring how to make carbon offsetting real. They look into all aspects of the carbon market and decarbonisation costs through to the provision of offsets and deforestation to name but a few topics.

Watch by clicking on the video.

Addressing Net Zero

How to address Net-Zero? A common question, and often at the start of many discussions regarding emissions, reporting and strategy. So, our Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Mayall, looks briefly at the top ways an organisation can address net-zero goals for the UK (and globe) and why it’s important, in our brief 12-minute introduction webinar.

Watch by clicking on the video.

SECR Masterclass

Get an insight into SECR with our updated Masterclass webinar – from SECR basics with scope and reporting guidance through to turning your reporting obligations into opportunities for bottom-line impact and net-zero goals.

Watch by clicking on the video.

Past Webinars

No longer available to watch.

Round table BIU summer 2020
Round table BIU spring 2020
BiU Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

Further Reading

Earth Overshoot Day 2021 how businesses can tread lighter

Earth Overshoot Day 2021: how businesses can tread lighter

Most of us know the feeling of having too much month at the end of the money. But this Thursday will mark the moment when there is too much of 2021 left for the earth to sustainably handle.

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list is large, and the reality of the UK’s progress on emissions cuts is lagging behind the ambition. As we prepare to host this crucial climate conference, what should we doing to prove that our goals are realistic?

June 2021 energy and carbon green round up

June’s energy and climate news: your 5-minute speed read

June saw green pledges made and reaffirmed by world leaders at the G7 summit, but a major report from the Climate Change Committee has urged the UK government to back up words with action.