Energy and Carbon Optimisation

Our energy and carbon optimisation team turn energy analytics and compliance into tangible opportunities to reduce carbon, consumption and future energy costs through BiU energy alarms, energy and carbon compliance, site audits, carbon strategies and our energy view software.

Energy and Carbon Compliance

From SECR to Science Based Targets, a suite of energy and carbon consultants and energy lead assessors can deliver assured compliance and best practice energy carbon reporting.

Energy Alarms

Targeting wastage as it happens, improving your site portfolio’s energy use and reducing your energy consumption with timely energy usage alerts.

Energy Engineers

Skilled UK wide energy and utility engineers and accessors that deliver energy, water and carbon services, audits, reduction and optimisation on-site.

Energy and Carbon Programme

Build on compliance with a strategic energy and carbon optimisation program in line with your corporate objectives with accurate audits through actionable, strategic and appropriate commercial focused deliverable projects and assistance with program implementation.

Energy View

Unlock the power of your site’s energy data with our analytics tool to visualise energy hotspots, access site usage and identify efficiency opportunities.

57% greenhouse gas reduction

for one client through a 7-year energy reduction strategy and implementation

Energy and Carbon Optimisation Team

Energy data administrators
Energy data scientists

Energy Engineers
Qualified Lead Energy Assessors
Compliance Specialists

Energy Reduction Specialist
Metering and Data Specialist

Qualified and certified lead assessors and energy managers

Low Carbon Energy Assessors
Energy Institute Awards

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Learn more about how our energy and optimisation team can help manage your compliance obligations, reduce carbon and create lasting behavioural change in staff with a suite of our services.

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