Energy Alarms

We don’t just email you a report when you’re wasting energy; with our energy alarm service and our suite of Energy Engineers can identify issues, train staff, or take action to implement changes immediately through one of our service levels suitable to your business. Targeting wastage as it happens, improving your site’s energy use and reducing your energy consumption.

Harness energy wastage to maximise profit

Analysed by a team of qualified energy assessors

Achieve your corporate sustainability and environmental goals

Harness your Energy

Our Energy Alarms utilise your half-hourly meter data allowing our team of experienced analysts to investigate periods of irregular or excess energy usage on your sites, and allow them, our Energy Engineers, or your site manager to take actions to reduce energy wastage.

Energy view

We take large amounts of data and display only meaningful energy information.

Smart Services View

Our reports can be emailed or viewed through our Energy View and can show anything from your worst energy performing sites through to your whole site portfolio.

Response Solutions

We work with a diverse range of sites and operational set ups, so we understand that not every customer needs the same levels of support to maximise the benefits of the Energy Alarm reports.

We can respond to energy waste in a way that suits you, from co-ordinating with your FM team through to full energy reduction implementation with our suite of engineers.

£13,393 energy saved for just one site – that’s the equivalent of selling 5,422 cappuccinos

Our energy and carbon analysts noted a high-street client of ours clearly had issues with a site during the evenings using data from their energy alarm.

The wastage highlighted for this one store equated to a potential £13,393 energy waste annually if left unchecked.

One of our energy engineers visited the store before closing, and investigated the site to discover the issue. Not only did our energy engineer realise the issue, he put in temporary measures to immediately address the energy consumption waste, and organised a permant solution while on site.

Why use BiU for Business Energy Alarms?

BiU has over 21 years experience in providing solutions to energy and utility management and reduction.

We can help you achieve your corporate sustainability and environmental goals through BiU’s Energy and Carbon Optimisation Solution.

Certified Assessors

Low Carbon Energy Assessors
Energy Institute Awards

Some of our Energy Alarm Sectors



Large manufacturing

High-street and retail

Multi-site businesses

Car servicing and repair centres

Convenience stores and supermarkets

Cinemas and retail units

One energy alarm resulted in a business wide policy

Our energy alarm analyst noticed a customer had an unusual energy use trend for 6 out of 7 days.

Our team got in touch with the client and on investigation the store had relief management for 6 days.

The reflief manager was untrained in the store shut down procedure – as a direct result of the energy alarm, the client put in place a Standard Operating Procedure to ensure all staff close down stores effectively, minimise energy waste and minimising energy costs.

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Learn more about how our energy and optimisation team can help manage your compliance obligations, reduce carbon and create lasting behavioural change in staff with a suite of our services.

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