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Opportunities for energy reduction are best realised through a true working partnership with our clients and our skilled responsive energy managers to reduce energy at source, permanently.

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Safe Contractor Approved

Safe Contractor approved

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Our Energy Engineers

Our Energy Engineers, are a team made up of highly skilled and experienced engineers and accessors that can research to discover, analyse and evaluate on-site energy waste issues to deliver savings, as well as ensure energy compliance.

Safe contractor approved, branded BiU, and carrying ID for trust and clarity

Smart, professional and presentable to be on-site, while customers are on-site

Going one-step further with on-site training to address energy waste at source

Supported by a team of data scientists and analysts to examine findings effectively and instantly

£13,393 energy saved for just one site – that’s the equivelant of selling 5,422 cappuccinos

Our energy analysts noted a high-street client of ours clearly had issues with a site during the evenings using data from the energy alarm.

The wastage highlighted for this one store equated to a potential £13,393 energy waste annually if left unchecked.

One of our energy engineers visited the store before closing and investigated the site to discover the issue. Not only did our engineer realise the issue, but he also put in temporary measures to immediately address the energy consumption waste, and organised a permanent solution while on site.

Assess, Analyse and Address

At the core of the energy engineer skill set is to check (and digitally document) all on-site assets, analyse their performance and appropriateness to the application they are used for, and then address any changes that maybe required to enhance or reduce energy usage.

They can work with on-site facilities and operations teams to address site equipment, building controls or behavioural changes to maximise energy usage, or deploy changes independently depending on the energy and carbon optimisation programme with the client.

Responsive Energy Managers by BiU
Smart Energy Controls

Enery Controls / BEMs

When a customer has an existing BEMS (Building Energy Management System) our responsive energy managers interrogate and identify areas of high use. Alongside our Energy Alarms, the team can pinpoint wasted energy.

The engineer will make sure the BEMS are operating and controlling sites to maximum efficiency. The team will document changes allowing the site’s operating manager to retain settings and maintain energy efficiency.

Energy Behavioural Training

Our energy engineers operate in the field and through analysing our customer’s data we focus on implementing savings at underperforming sites and deliver behaviour change at the sites they visit.

Our Training as a Service (TaaS) is the most effective solution delivered right at the heart of the opportunity, to the correct people, by experienced professionals. Delivering real value in a true energy reduction partnership.

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