BiU’S Triad alerts save client £44K

BIU’S Triad alerts save client £44K

BIU’s leading Triad Avoidance Service has saved a large manufacturing company £44k after the alert team successfully predicted all three peaks during the winter period.

Using real time data feeds from electricity suppliers, the National Grid and weather stations, the BIU team used its industry expertise to analyse data collected and make accurate predictions.

This enabled them to send out just 22 alerts, hitting all 3 Triads in the latest settlement period from November to February.

BIU is adept at releasing the fewest number of alerts of all Triad Warning Services within the UK whilst predicting the highest ratio of Triad periods, and this can mean significant savings for  companies signed up to their warning service.

“We process a huge amount of data in order to predict the Triads but we don’t bombard people’s inboxes,” said Senior Energy Assessor Paul Hutton. “We only send an alert out if we think it is likely to be one of three periods, whereas other providers send out emails every day stating whether the risk is low, medium or high. We also send out a fortnightly report showing the peak demands for the previous 2 weeks and a forecast for the following 2 weeks, as illustrated in the Peak Demand Report diagram. Customers who followed our advice made substantial savings.”

Electricity suppliers are charged by the National Grid for the use of the transmission network during the 3 half hours of highest system demand (November- February). This charge is passed on at cost to consumers and is commonly known as Transmission Network Use of System charges (TNUoS). Triad charges are calculated by averaging your peak demand (kW) during the three peak periods which is then multiplied by the zonal tariff to create the TNUoS annual charge.

If your organisation has large half hourly metered sites, then you are probably exposed to ‘Peak Demand’ charges, also known as ‘Triad’ charges. BIU can help you avoid this unnecessary cost by simply telling you when a Triad charge is likely to occur. By signing up to BIU’s Triad Charge warning service we will inform you when a predicted Triad period is likely to be.

This alert will be sent in the morning, giving you plenty of time to put load shedding measures in place which will not affect the running of your business, such as switching to an on-site generator at alert times, and isolating systems such as air conditioning, and escalators.

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