Bright lessons for London School

Glowing fluorescent light bulbs installed in sockets hanging on wires on blue textured background

A London school is expected to save nearly £5,000 a year on energy costs as a result of installing energy efficient measures.
The Orion Primary School’s new building, which includes two classrooms, will be air tight and “very efficient” in terms of heat loss as the roof and walls are heavily insulated.
It will also have a heat recovery system, double glazed windows, energy-saving LEDs and everything in the building is both sensor and time controlled.
A rooftop solar panel system with a total capacity of 25.6KW will be installed. It will generate nearly 20,000kWh of electricity and reduce 9.23 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.
Howard Robbins, Project Manager at Net Zero Buildings told ELN the cost of running the school building will be zero.
He said: “We’ve put PV on the roof, which will produce over five times the amount of electricity that this building will use during the year which means the school pays nothing to run this building. Any spare electricity that’s produced will run the main school, not just this classroom, which will reduce the electricity bills in the classroom and the school as a whole.”
The two classrooms were delivered and put up in a day this week, making it more efficient and cutting overall costs.