EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz claims Hinkley is historic for the UK

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz claims Hinkley is historic for the UK

The government’s decision to give the final go-ahead to Hinkley Point C is “an historic moment that marks the relaunch of nuclear in Europe”.

That’s the message of EDF Energy’s CEO Vincent de Rivaz.

Speaking at the World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) Symposium, Mr de Rivaz said Theresa May’s review on the nuclear project was a “strong, professional and timely process”.

He believes the new legal framework included in the approval agreement with EDF, is “entire consistently” with the firm’s views.

During his speech, Mr de Rivaz highlighted the reasons why Hinkley is so important for the UK’s economy creating 25,000 jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships. He said it provided opportunity for all epitomising Theresa May’s ambition when she took power.

He claimed it will deliver low carbon and affordable energy security and tackle climate change, more so than other new technologies.

He said: “No one technology is a panacea and there is no solution for the UK without new nuclear in the mix.”

The government guaranteed the French firm a price of £92.5/MWh, which has been criticised by campaigners. However Mr de Rivaz told the audience, the price for offshore wind is way more expensive at £137/MWh.

He added: “Wind has a critical role to play in the energy future and EDF is investing in it but wind’s intermitancy means that it will sometimes generate too little and sometimes too much, so it will always need costly backup power.

“Hinkley Point C will generate low carbon, reliable, baseload generation around the clock even when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.”