IKEA to sell only LED lighting

Glowing fluorescent light bulbs installed in sockets hanging on wires on blue textured background

Home furnishing giant IKEA has announced it will ditch traditional light bulbs and offer LEDs from next month.
The company claims its LED bulbs will use 85% less energy, last up to 20 times longer than traditional lighting and have a 25,000-hour lifetime.
It also stated a British household using an average of 10 LED bulbs at home will be able to combat rising energy prices by saving up to £300 off their annual bill.
Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Office at IKEA Group said: “Cutting down on energy consumption shouldn’t mean cutting down on style which is why we’ve embraced LED technology and worked hard to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and affordable so our customers can love LED as much as we do.”
IKEA announced in June it is investing €1 billion (£0.63bn) on renewables and climate action.