Surveying the market at DSR Event 2017

Surveying the market at DSR Event 2017

BIU’s team reported an excellent day at DSR Event, describing it as enjoyable and informative – and a useful forum to share knowledge, expertise and experiences in the complexities associated with participation in DSR schemes.

Our Energy Executive Energy Manager (ESOS Lead Assessor) Martyn Gilbert said: “What was evident was that there were several common themes running through the day, particularly with the technical aspects of getting DNO connections and appropriate metering which some delegates found daunting and a barrier to entry, preferring to work with consultants or aggregators rather than try to navigate the processes themselves.

“Nevertheless the overriding message was that there is strong commitment from the National Grid and the DNOs to the schemes and there is real value to be delivered those wishing to participate.”

Prior to the event, The Energyst asked more than 180 industrial, commercial and public sector organisations as well as aggregators and suppliers for their views on demand-side response and what they perceive as the drivers, barriers and solutions to market scale. The findings, which some of BIU’s customers contributed to, can be found in the resulting report: Demand Side Response – Shifting the balance of power.

Certainly clients are becoming more interested in DSR, driven largely by rising non-commodity costs. Read our view on Page 40 of the survey.