UK energy efficiency schemes need ‘policy predictability’

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Policies for energy efficiency schemes in the UK must be predictable.
That’s according to Joanne Wade, Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy, who gave evidence at an energy efficiency hearing at Westminster.
Speaking to the Energy and Climate Change Committee, she said: “It’s no good changing policies every year.” She added industry has “little trust” and consumers have next to none “as they don’t know what is going on”.
On policy change, Ms Wade said she understands “the need for flexibility” but there is also a need for notice.
Lawrence Slade, CEO, Energy UK said government hasn’t “learnt from the past”. He added: “We try to keep jobs and pay salaries etc. but if policy just comes to an end when term closes then that means redundancies.”
Mr Slade also said the Green Deal needed trialling before hitting the mass market.