Battery Storage

Energy storage is not a new phenomenon but changes recently in regulation and technology are having a noticeable effect on the electricity markets.

A service tailored to your needs that supports you making the process easy and profitable

Resiliency and backup power

Load shifting to avoid buying when prices are high

Why battery storage?

A smarter low carbon energy system has battery storage at the forefront of it. Independent generators are installing commercial-scale solutions which allow storage of intermittent solar and wind energy to sell when it is most profitable. By providing a range of other National Grid services, such as Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) or Firm Frequency Response (FFR), storage projects can also earn money.

With our commercial partnerships we can provide route-to-market to support co-located and behind meter batteries which can be a viable option for companies looking to offset rising costs by investing in new technologies.

There are many benefits of installing a battery although this does depend on your site’s infrastructure and the ability of the local grid to accommodate it. Our industry experts will assess at no cost the project viability for your business. We will then provide recommendations as to next actions and offer a full project management service for opportunities identified.

Battery storage