Triad Avoidance

If your organisation is exposed to ‘Peak Demand’ charges, also known as Triad charges, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs by telling you when a Triad is likely to occur.

We use real-time data to make accurate predictions and keep alarms to a minimum

Alerts can be sent via e-mail, text message, telephone or a combination of all three

Our alerts give you time to put load shedding measures in place

Triad Avoidance

About Triad Avoidance

BiU is adept at releasing the fewest number of alerts of all Triad Warning Services within the UK whilst predicting the highest ratio of Triad periods, and this can mean significant savings for companies signed up to our warning service.

Our analysts use data feeds from The National Grid, The Met Office and a range of suppliers and generators to minimise the number of times we alert you. The level of data we process enables predictions to be more accurate and reduces the number of false alarms you receive.

In one settlement period BiU sent out just 22 alerts, hitting all 3 Triads in the latest settlement period from November to February. For one of our clients this resulted in savings of £44,000.

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