Voltage Optimisation

Higher voltage levels than necessary can result in huge amounts of wasted energy and revenue, and increased carbon emissions. Voltage optimisation combats this by reducing the voltage of the electricity supply.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Although electrical equipment is designed to run at 220V, the average voltage supplied from the National Grid is 242V, increasing up to 253V, which is not only costly to your pocket and environmental risk, but it can also damage your equipment. Therefore, voltage optimisation can reduce costs and emissions as well as extend the life of your electrical equipment.

The aim is to reduce the voltage of electricity supplied to equipment, minimising consumption while remaining within the operating conditions specified by the equipment manufacturer.

We asses if you are being supplied with electricity at a higher voltage level than needed. If this is the case our energy experts will identify wasted energy which will be creating excessive levels of carbon emissions and higher than necessary electricity bills.

At a time of rising energy prices, efficiency savings will only increase over time adding revenue and sustainability to your business.