Energy suppliers told to refund customers after gas meter error

Energy suppliers told to refund customers after gas meter error

Ofgem has told energy suppliers to refund gas customers affected by a meter reading mistake.

In a letter sent to energy firms, the regulator stated the error was caused by a mismatch between the unit the meter is measuring gas consumption in and the unit recorded in suppliers’ back office systems.

The mistake led to “a significant undercharge or overcharge” to customers for their gas consumption, it added.

Big Six firm E.ON has been the first supplier that has taken action to identify around 350 affected gas customers. It said they will be refunded “in full and appropriate compensation paid”.

The firm added: “Within the customers it currently supplies, E.ON has identified all those affected by this issue where the affected meter is still in situ and continue to work to identify any historic meters that have subsequently been exchanged that may have been impacted. E.ON will contact all customers individually. Customers do not need to take any action.”

Ofgem has also encouraged rest of suppliers to co-ordinate with Energy UK to see if they have the same issue and identify affected customers.

The trade body said: “Energy UK and its members are working hard to address the issue of the incorrect recording of imperial and metric gas meters. So far, detailed analysis shows an extremely small number of accounts have been affected, so customers need not worry.

“Any customer affected will be contacted shortly by their supplier and where there has been overcharging, a refund will be issued as quickly as possible.”