More than fifth haven’t switched energy supplier in 10 years

More than fifth haven't switched energy supplier in 10 years

More than a fifth of energy customers haven’t switched their supplier in the last decade.

That’s according to a survey by Which? which asked more than 5,000 customers why they hadn’t switched.

Around 41% said they are happy with their current energy company and 21% said they are not bothered with the process of switching. Those are among the top reasons why customers hadn’t changed supplier.

According to Which? people can save up to £369 in their gas and electricity bills by switching, the main reason why it recommends customers to change their energy supplier. Although many do it is clear there’s a hardcore who can’t be bothered.

Which? says the process is easy and quick, customers could find better services by hiring a new supplier as there are different choices and tariffs.

Earlier this week, Ofgem told energy suppliers to refund customers after a gas meter error.