Fix & Reward:

Simple Managed Energy

No other energy consultancy offers our simple managed energy buying solution which utilises the purchasing power of a large volume energy procurement team to the advantage of mid-market energy user budgets.

What is Fix & Reward?

Our Fix & Reward Procurement Solution is a product designed to give you access to mass-market energy purchasing, with low-risk to your budgets with potential return on investment reward at the end of the trading year.

This product is typically for customers who have an annual energy consumption of at least £100,000 up to £1million spend.

One customer received a pay-back of £11,596.37 over a 1 year period through our Fix & Reward Simple Managed Energy procurement solution

How it works

You provide us with all the information required and we provide you with a fixed price on your chosen day. You can use this price to securely budget against.

  • Price certainty
  • Instant price refresh
  • Competitive pricing

Included in Fix & Reward as standard

Free Fix & Reward Pocket Guide

Pop your information, and we’ll send you our Free Fix & Reward SME energy solution guide…

A BiU manufacturing energy customer, with a 3.5GWh usage, protected their rates over a 3-year price fluctuating period with our Fix & Reward product and subsequently was rewarded with a rebate at the end of each annual period.

Where next


We have several solutions within our energy procurement department, from tailored risk management to consortium buying, with blended or full green options throughout.

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