Water Procurement

Did you know that since April 2017 eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations are no longer restricted to buying their water from regional water companies and can opt for a retailer of their choice?

BiU Water Procurement Solution

At BiU we have has a 3-step process to reviewing and setting up the best water supply solution for your business:


Review and analyse your existing usage requirements


Build a tailored solution using our water supplier evaluation matrix


Source the best match for your specific business needs

Our comprehensive water audit provides you with peace of mind and enables us to carry out revenue recovery from water companies billing for properties that the client didn’t occupy or billing twice for unmeasured and measured basis – and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We provide consolidated billing with a simple bill from one supplier instead of multiple bills

A tailored water procurement and utility expense management service

We carry out a water audit for peace of mind

We recover your overpayments and ensure it doesn’t happen again

Industry leading specialists in water procurement and management

 “Companies using a broker must ensure they are experienced in analysing the whole UK market, region by region, and be realistic about percentages to be saved.”

– Aidan Lupton, Senior Water Expense Manager

Water deregulation/open water

The aim of water deregulation is to create a more open and vibrant sector, encourage new ways of working in the industry, improve customer service, and help keep customers’ bills down.

As with all our services, our customer approach to open water is unique, transparent and personal. We work with our customers to find the best purchasing contract for your water usage. It is not simply about the lowest price; as well as cost we look at specific business needs such as key performance indicators (KPIs), metering and service requirements.

We then benchmark this against multiple contract options using our Supplier Evaluation Matrix to find a solution that best fits your business, to achieve both short- and long-term goals. Switching services to a broker or TPI that doesn’t understand water billing could mean you’re still paying for services that you don’t have or don’t use.

BiU’s water experts and revenue recovery team ensure our customers are only paying for the services that are provided by suppliers.

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We have several solutions within our energy procurement department, from tailored risk management to consortium buying, with blended or full green options throughout.

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