Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

by BiU
DSR (Demand Side Response) allows businesses to get paid by switching off their equipment for a short time. This can result in substantial cost savings, and also help secure our energy future.

How can we help?

In simple terms demand cannot outstrip supply, the National Grid must maintain this balance to keep the lights on. DSR helps to achieve this balance by incentivising larger consumers to alter the times they use electricity. On-site generation and energy storage technologies enable businesses to use stored energy during peak demand periods or feed it back to the grid to aid the balancing process. BIU can review your supply and charges, manage your invoices and monitor your usage. By signing up to our Triad Avoidance Service we inform you when a predicted Triad period is likely to be. If you have an on-site generator you can run this to remove load from the grid at alert times, if not you can take other measures, for example, air conditioning and escalators can be isolated for the alert period without affecting core business activity.

As a trusted demand response operator offering world class technology BIU can ensure optimum outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Maintenance of grid reliability
  • Lower utility costs
  • Improves load factor of generating assets