PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

by BiU
A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a contract between the electricity seller/generator electricity and the buyer. You can make the most of your assets by generating electricity and exporting to the grid via a self-supply contract.

How can we help?

BIU offers competitive prices and flexible contract lengths in addition to the following pricing options:

  • Fixed price – providing you with budget certainty by locking in a price for your generation.
  • Flexible (traded) – prices are tracked on a daily basis enabling you to take advantage of price fluctuations.

We can help you can earn revenue whilst strengthening your green credentials.

We have a proven track record ensuring you achieve a competitive market price, with in-house experts who will monitor market trends to identify the most advantageous time to sell your power. We offer a full feasibility study looking at different technologies and giving due consideration to regulatory impacts.

Key benefits

  • You can access your HH generation and invoice data via our online portal
  • You can manage your generation profile online, scheduling any planned outages and setting alerts
  • Our bespoke systems will forecast your power generation allowing you to maximise revenues whilst mitigating network charges.