Alan Whitehead resigns as Shadow Energy Minister


Alan Whitehead has said he is stepping down from his role as Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister.

His announcement comes less than 24 hours after Barry Gardiner was promoted to replace Lisa Nandy as Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary who stepped down yesterday.

Mr Whitehead is one of many Labour MPs to quit leader Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet in protest against his leadership.

In a letter to Mr Corbyn, the MP for Southampton Test praised him as a “good, decent, committed person” but said he is “not the right person to lead the Opposition”.

The letter added: “I was very grateful to you for inviting me to become Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister at the start of your time as leader of the Opposition. You will know that I have spent many years championing action to combat climate change and promote low carbon energy, as have you and it was a pleasure being able to pursue these objectives on behalf of your front bench team.

“However, thinking as I do, I cannot give you complete loyalty in this position and it would be dishonest of me to continue to occupy it. With great sadness, therefore, I tender my resignation as Shadow Energy Minister.”