Ay caramba! Costa Rica runs green for 75 days

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Costa Rica has run its entire country on renewable energy for the past 75 days.
The Central American republic which has a population the size of Scotland, has been running on a mix of hydro, geothermal and solar and not used any fossil fuels for the first quarter of 2015.
The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) released a statement saying unusually high levels of rainfall had boosted the river system and helped hydroelectric power.
It said: “2015 has been a year of electricity totally friendly with the environment to Costa Rica. According to the NSS (National Electric System) during January, February and March so far (75 days) it has been unnecessary to use oil to fuel the country’s grid.
“The favorable rainy conditions during the first months of the year allowed the reservoirs Arenal, Cachi, La Angostura yPirrís have reached levels above estimates.”
Hydroelectric generation and then geothermal, wind, biomass and solar provided a 100% renewable supply. ICE estimates renewables will continue to provide a huge slice of supply for the next quarter.
A WWF report last year, ranked Costa Rica as the leader in clean and renewable energy in Latin America.