Could behavioural science experts help drive water efficiency?


South East Water has joined forces with behavioural science experts to develop innovative approaches in a bid to cut consumers’ water use and bills.

Advizzo is to help the water company’s customers better control the water they use and the bill they pay by encouraging behavioural change.

South East Water said it has used various information channels to drive change in behaviour in the past and seen “good results” through its initiative.

David Hinton, South East Water’s Asset and Regulation Director added: “Our customer metering programme has had great results with research showing average savings of around 16% – the unknown though is how long will the savings last for and can we continue to encourage further savings in years to come.

“When we met the team at Advizzo we felt their experience was just what we had been looking for and we are hoping to take the partnership on to run a series of experiments to really use engagement methods to maximise the impact behavioural science can have. It’s a new way of thinking about how customers value their water supply and fits well with our vision for the future.”

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