BIU now fully Accredited ESOS Lead Assessors

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With less than 12 months to go until the first ESOS deadline, organisations that are affected by the legislation need to be looking at booking their Energy Audits as soon as possible. Our ESOS Team at BIU are now Fully Certified ESOS Lead Assessors and can support your business throughout the entire process, from initial consultation through to surveys and reporting.
It is estimated there are around 10,000 companies and 180,000 sites within the UK that will require assessing as part of the ESOS legislation. Although not every site needs to be surveyed, the government estimate a figure of at least 10 surveys per organisation, resulting in approximately 180,000 surveys in 11 months.

At present common consensus is that there are only a few hundred Qualified ESOS Lead Assessors in the country, which could rise to over two thousand by quarter two of 2015.

On average there will be 2-3 surveys required per surveyor, per week if they were equally distributed throughout the year. With an anticipated rush in quarter four, the cost of surveys is expected to increase as demand outstrips available resource.

To ensure you don’t miss out, contact us today to book a free initial consultation, where our fully qualified team will cover the following:

• Specific requirements for ESOS, including any exemptions.
• Multi-site analysis to determine how many sites need to be audited.
• Review current energy information which could be relevant and contribute towards ESOS.
• Identify the scope of surveys required to meet legislation.
• Demand for surveys will be high so the later you leave it, the higher the risk of not meeting the deadline.
• The sooner your reduction improvements can be identified and implemented, the sooner you can start making savings.

For further information or to book a consultation, email us here or contact BIU on 01253 789816.