BiU set to bring energy to FMP 2017

BIU set to bring energy to FMP 2017

5th April, Celtic Manor Resort

As a proud sponsor of FMP, leading UK energy and utility consultancy, British Independent Utilities (BIU) is dispatching two of its top team to discuss a strategy for facility and property managers to reduce the impact of rising wholesale and non-commodity costs.

Energy experts Sales Manager Marc Holdsworth and Retail & Leisure Manager Mark Wignall will discuss how client work based on the three Cs – Cost, Consumption and Compliance – has helped some of the world’s leading organisations drive down costs via “waste minimisation”.

With four of the biggest suppliers announcing price hikes this month, managers in charge of utilities would be wise to seek their advice on past and future costs and contracts.

“Our team optimises the whole process,” said Mark Wignall. BIU is a consultant, in a marketplace where lots of brokers offer electric and gas fixed contracts. BIU offers much more than that, itemised reporting of past and present costs, identification opportunity for savings and then implementation of a client strategy for the future.

“In one 12-month period alone BIU’s specialist team helped to recover over £8m in overpayments caused by billing errors on the suppliers’ part – this wasted revenue could be a vital contribution to a company’s successful growth.”

From revenue recovery and energy procurement to consumption data and supplier billing, BIU’s full energy and utility consultancy service is heavily orientated around their bespoke online services, with a dedicated in-house programming team operating round the clock systems to monitor instant cost, consumption, carbon and CRC reporting through to Market Eye.

Marc Holdsworth explained: “Our unique technology provides our customers with the content they want, wrapped in the controls they need, delivered 24 hours a day with unrivalled consistency.

“Our mission is to continue to provide a professional and excellent utility management service to all our clients. We aim to achieve sustainable and holistic growth and develop successful business partnerships through professional integrity, innovation, mutual trust and respect, moulded by a set of core values that will be demonstrated by the whole BIU team. We believe that it’s not what we do differently at BIU that sets us apart from the competition, but how we do it better.”

He added: “FMP promises to be a fantastic event as ever, and we are proud to be an event sponsor for 2017.”