Council energy supplier claims doorstep sales are the way forward

Nottingham City Council’s energy supplier Robin Hood has reintroduced doorstep selling in an attempt to convince disengaged customers to switch.

The move contrasts the Big Six’s suspension of doorstep selling after watchdog criticism that the practice pressured consumers into worse deals. Robin Hood pledges to be “straight forward, honest and jargon free” in all interactions with their customers, including during doorstep sales.

Jo Gilbert, Independent Consultant and Head of Robin Hood, told ELN: “Disengaged customers [are] a real problem so 70% to 80% of consumers [are] still not switching.

“We’ve started to reintroduce doorstep selling and getting out into the actual communities.

“It’s how we actually get to those customers and encourage those customers to switch and get better deals.”

The non-profit aims to provide low cost electricity to customers and help tackle fuel poverty, with average savings of £248 each year on gas and electricity.