Covid-19 update from #OneBiU

As with all organisations, BiU has been working hard to adapt to the daily challenges that COVID-19 has presented to our nation and beyond. Our contingency plan ensures that we can continue to deliver our services seamlessly and effectively no matter what the circumstances.

We are not expecting any degradation in service through the introduction of many measures including:

  • All staff are equipped to work from home, remotely accessing normal systems
  • Replacing flexitime with flexible working to accommodate our team & their families
  • On and offsite meetings are being conducted via video calls or similar
  • Office cleaning time has been doubled and focussed on hygiene during working hours
  • Use of public transport has been suspended
  • Colleagues who demonstrate any symptoms of illness are immediately decamped to their home base
  • Our telephony system can be used remotely with office hardware, mobile devices and virtual connections
  • Everyone has Skype and Microsoft Teams capability
  • We have suspended holiday leave to ensure that we maintain a critical mass during periods of above normal sickness levels
  • Self-isolation policy has been in force for several weeks
  • We have setup an emergency helpline for clients on 01253 335 300
  • Our plan is reviewed at least every 24hrs

The BiU team is galvanised and ready for the challenges ahead. Please do keep in close contact with us about managing temporary site closures in your estate – we can help you to manage energy consumption in order to minimise costs and also we can work together regarding likely forecasted energy volumes versus your “business as usual” position in order to avoid volume related penalties. The BiU helpline will ensure that together we can avoid any unplanned utility disconnections.

All your usual communications channels remain open and you can escalate any concerns via the emergency helpline. We have suspended postal interaction with suppliers and clients; hence, electronic communication is essential. We are eager to learn of your plans, so that we can dovetail with these.

We wish you the very best during these tough times and promise that we are here to help.

Best regards

Michael Abbott
Chief Executive