Earth Day, green business funding and tightening climate targets

Earth Day, green business funding and tightening climate targets

Welcome to the latest roundup of news and news and advice from BiU’s Energy Advice Hub.

We explore the funding opportunities available to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions, take a look at the impact of Earth Day, and of course, cover the latest low carbon news.  

These articles and more are below – and if you need advice on your company’s energy challenges, get in touch.

Treasury review recommends mandatory climate labelling for finance sector

A review into the UK finance system by HM Treasury has recommended the use of climate labels for financial products in support of the transition to net zero.

Renewables could replace fossil fuel by 2050 as costs fall

The falling cost of wind and solar power has the potential to unlock energy reserves that could oust fossil fuels by 2050, a new report has found.

World unites on climate pledge for Earth Day

Corporates and countries around the world united on Earth Day to bolster their commitment to climate change.

UK toughens carbon reduction target

A new target set by the UK government will see carbon emissions slashed by 78% by 2035.

A guide to green business funding

With more businesses seeking to reduce their carbon emissions, we provide a rundown of the funding opportunities available.

New record set for ‘greenest ever’ demand on electricity grid 

A new green record was achieved Easter Monday with demand on the grid at its lowest carbon intensity to date.

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