EDF Energy boss says no to Brexit

The head of EDF Energy believes the UK economy will benefit from staying in the EU.

In a letter to his staff, Vincent de Rivaz outlines the benefits of continued EU membership and says a Brexit could mean “Break It” for the EU as a whole.

Although he has lived in the country for 14 years, Mr de Rivaz is not a British citizen and therefore can’t vote but is encouraging everyone in his company to register to vote.

He gives his views on why the UK should remain in the EU but says “the choice is for voters to make”.

He states: “I believe the choice is between the irreversible step of leaving or keeping our options open by remaining and seeking to improve what is not working. The challenge and opportunity is to ask how this family can work better together, for the greater good of all.

“I fear that the signal of a British vote to leave might have a ripple effect and that ‘Brexit’ might mean ‘Break It’ for the whole EU. History convinces me that we should not underestimate the importance of stability for the European continent.”

Mr de Rivaz adds a final investment decision on the £18 billion Hinkley Point nuclear project will take place after the referendum.

He states: “The absolute need for HPC will remain regardless of the outcome of the vote and politicians on both sides of the debate recognise this.”

His letter comes days before the referendum vote on 23rd June.

ELN has contacted the Vote Leave campaign for a comment.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said Brexit could add £500 million to energy bills by 2020 while former Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the UK would be able to scrap VAT on their bills if it leaves the EU.

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