EEF to help manufacturers be more energy efficient

The UK manufacturers’ organisation EEF will help companies be more energy efficient.

It will offer manufacturers a new service which will help them save money and improve sustainability through carbon and energy management.

It is designed to help firms tackle unnecessarily high energy costs by identifying where and why energy waste occurs, according to the EEF.

It will provide data that will prove energy efficiency implementations made by the companies and will also provide benchmarks and data for achieving certification for energy management systems.
The service includes ISO50001 standards, metering services, carbon and energy compliance and professional training.

James Wyse, National Sustainability Lead at EEF says: “There is a pressing need to manage risks and harness opportunities but very few firms have the in-house skills and knowledge to do this. By bringing all our services under one umbrella we can provide a more holistic and seamless service, while also making it easier for companies to understand what expertise they actually need to tackle their own particular concerns.”
Energy affordability is a concern for eight in every ten manufacturers, the EEF stated.