Europe’s offshore wind hits record yearly high

Wind power turbines

The European offshore wind industry has set a record for the number of installations in the first six months of 2015.
More than 580 wind turbines were installed during this period, adding a capacity of 2.3GW of electricity to the European grid.
That is more than any other year, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) said.
Its report found 82 wind farms totaling a capacity of 10.3GW were installed across 11 countries.
Germany installed 1.7GW of offshore wind capacity during this period followed by the UK – the current leader of the market – which developed 0.5GW.
Kristian Ruby, Chief Policy Officer at the EWEA said: “To ensure healthy growth in the coming years and to guarantee offshore wind energy plays its role in meeting the EU’s competitiveness, security and decarbonisation objectives, the industry needs long term visibility. Strong reforms to the operation of Europe’s electricity market and much-needed upgrades to infrastructure to help the integration of wind energy must be a priority.
“It is also critical that Member States meet renewable energy commitments towards the end of this decade and set out a clear game plan to meet Europe’s 2030 targets.”