Low Carbon Leaps from BiU

February's low carbon leaps

The government made February another busy month for low carbon news, including a pledge to bring the petrol and diesel car ban forward, and
plans to invest heavily in hydrogen to help us meet net zero. 

But what does this all mean for business? As usual we’ve been keeping the Hub up to date. We’ve also got advice on science-based targets, and some new stats on the success of Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Whether you are already treading the road to net zero, or just putting your shoes on, here’s our roundup of insights and advice…

The petrol and diesel ban – a business briefing…

In early Feb the government announced it would be bringing forward the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2035. We wrote a short explainer to help you understand what’s coming.

Hydrogen fuel – our weapon to fight the climate emergency?

The government recently announced funding for Europe’s first green hydrogen plants, to help us reach net zero. But what is hydrogen and is it the answer to our decarbonisation problems?  We’ve done the fact-finding for you.

Science-based targets – a quick guide

If you’re not already familiar with science-based targets, you soon will be. More and more companies are committing to SBTs for curbing emissions, and engaging their supply chain in the process. We created a quick guide for business.

Did the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme work? Government crunches
the numbers…

New government research reveals how effective ESOS was in delivering cost and energy savings for qualifying organisations.