Fuel price cut for rural areas kicks in

petrol pump large

People living in some of the UK’s most rural areas are now benefiting from a fuel price cut.
The five pence price reduction kicked in yesterday and applies across 17 areas – 13 in the Highlands and four in northern England.
The government estimates around 125,000 people living in those areas will benefit from cheaper fuel. They currently face some of the highest fuel prices in the country.
Rural islands in the UK were already benefiting from the scheme but this is the first time the European Commission approved a fuel discount of this kind for mainland areas.
It will run for six years before it is reviewed.
Damian Hinds, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury said: “Fuel is often more expensive in very rural areas, even though cars are more of a necessity. However, people in 17 areas ranging from the Highlands to Devon will now be able to buy cheaper fuel, making travelling to work and school far easier.”