Greening the public sector & decarbonising transport

Greening the public sector & decarbonising transport

Welcome to the latest roundup of news and news and advice from BiU’s Energy Advice Hub.

We’ve got news and advice for public sector organisations – which are set to benefit from a £1bn grant scheme for carbon reduction upgrades in buildings. This offers a much needed boost for the sector: according to recent news more than half of public sector bodies aren’t yet preparing for net zero.

Our full roundup of stories is here – and if you need advice on your company’s low carbon challenges, get in touch.

Transport decarbonisation plans… and what they mean for UK business

The government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan is expected to be published soon. We’ve looked at what it should include, and what businesses should expect.

Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme: a quick guide to the new grant funding

£1bn of funding is available to fund capital decarbonisation projects in public sector buildings – here’s our short guide.

Have your say on guidelines for carbon accounting and renewable energy procurement

A consultation to gather feedback on procuring renewable energy, carbon offsets and carbon accounting has been launched by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

Greater focus needed on environment, says accounting body

A survey of 829 finance professionals urges organisations to take greater action on climate change

Public sector uptake on net zero targets ‘slow’

New research reveals that more than half of public sector bodies and quangos across the UK are not planning for net zero carbon by 2050. What does this indicate about the sector’s readiness for change?

NHS seeks to become net zero by 2040 – a “world-first”

The NHS has set itself a target of becoming the world’s first net zero health service after committing to reach this target by 2040.

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