Making carbon offsetting a real solution to net zero with Hartree Partners – special webinar

This week, Sir David Attenborough fronted the new BBC documentary, Extinction, The Facts, with deforestation as an underlining theme throughout because it doesn’t just cause havoc to biodiversity with the extinction of thousands of species of plants, insets and animals, but it also has the evidential effect on climate change. But what can you do as a company to counter deforestation, create green economies and help the planet?

Carbon offsetting is a relatively young concept in the world of energy and carbon reduction, however with its ability to combat so many issues with deforestation, as well as help industries who find it hard to decrease emissions, such as aerospace and large manufacturing, it’s a real solution. Not a greenwashing one. Not a simple box ticking exercise, but a real answer to emissions and creating lasting change.

Preview – watch the full webinar, on demand.

To delve into the topic of carbon offsetting, Ariel Perez, Head of Environmental Products from Hartree Partners joined BiU’s CCO, Anthony Mayall, in a special edition webinar – Making carbon offsetting a real solution.

The insights webinar takes you through the current carbon climate, afforestation (and deforestation), forest carbon credits and programs to enable green jobs, and how industries that find it hard to abate carbon emission are turning to carbon offsetting and forest carbon credits as a solution to reducing carbon, and reaching net zero.

Watch BiU’s latest on-demand webinar with Hartree Partners, looking how you can make carbon offsetting real.

BiU Hartree Making Carbon Offsetting Real for Net Zero

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