McColls Retail Group granted BIU’s Energy Efficiency Award

McColls Retail Group granted BIU's Energy Efficiency Award

Leading neighbourhood retailer, McColls, have been awarded the 2014 Energy Efficiency Award by Lytham based energy consultancy, BIU. This annual award is given to the BIU customer who has the highest reduction in energy consumption, year on year.

In 2013, McColls achieved a saving of almost 6% on their energy consumption, with the results being directly compared to the base year of 2012. The result is a great outcome for both McColls and BIU, who have been actively working together to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency across the McColls portfolio.

BIU calculate the figures for the Energy Efficiency Award using their monthly data comparison template, which is based on like for like AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) data. The AMR system takes daily energy consumption readings across all of McColls convenience stores throughout the UK.

BIU work with a wide selection of customers on energy reduction and introduced the Energy Efficiency Award in 2013 as a way to recognise and acknowledge those customers who have taken positive action to significantly reduce their organisation’s energy consumption.

Jonathan Akers, Head of Consultancy at BIU stated, “Over the past 3 years, McColls and BIU have worked together on a variety of services, with energy management being a key focus. We are really proud of our customers, who have all demonstrated considerable savings with regards to their energy consumption and this year we are pleased to present this award to McColls to reward their commitment to efficient energy usage and reduction”.

BIU have worked with McColls since 2005 on multiple energy management services, including Energy Procurement, Invoice Management, Energy Alarms and Metering and Revenue Recovery.

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