A million warmer homes thanks to ECO deal

Energy certificate


More than a million homes in Britain have been kept warmer this winter because of a government scheme.
By the end of November 2014, the ECO and Green Deal schemes delivered new boilers, windows and insulation to 1,021,000 homes.
The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) gets suppliers to pay for measures in vulnerable and low income households, including rural hard to treat areas, which should keep them warm and “damp-free”. The Green Deal gives up-front loans for insulation and better boilers.
A number of suppliers were fined last year for not dishing out enough measures via the ECO scheme.
Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said: “I want to see energy companies continue to deliver their obligations so more people can reap the benefits and stay warm this winter and every winter.”
A further £6 million is still up for grabs – home owners can apply for up to £1,600 if they install two measures from a list of home improvements under the fund.