Ofgem eyes whether “false” information was given ahead of key energy auction

The energy regulator is checking whether an energy company gave “false or misleading information” to the National Grid ahead of yesterday’s important capacity auction.
Ofgem announced it is investigating whether a Solihull-based company, UK Capacity Reserve (UKCR), breached the rules. The watchdog took care to make clear this “does not imply” it has already found evidence of “non-compliance”.
UK Capacity Reserve was founded earlier this summer and shares three company directors with UK Power Reserve, the “flexible” power company which works on demand side response.
UKCR put forward 96 sites – mostly power plants – to take part in the capacity auction. Out of these, 28 were not approved to pre-qualify for the auction, meaning 68 had the all-clear to take part.
National Grid which runs the capacity auction has now removed some of UKCR’s units from pre-qualification. Yesterday in a new, updated list of sites, 11 of UKCR’s sites which originally pre-qualified were no longer eligible.
As yet UKCR has not commented.