Paris climate march cancelled amid security concerns





A climate march in Paris which was expected to attract thousands of activists has been cancelled amid heightened security concerns.
It follows last week’s terrorist attacks, which killed and injured hundreds of people.
A spokesperson from Greenpeace told ELN the march was due to take place on 29th November but the environmental group was advised not to go ahead with it by the French Government.
It was set to coincide with the United Nations climate talks in Paris, when leaders are expected to set a global deal on tackling climate change.
Jean-Francois Juilliard, Greenpeace France Executive Director said: “The French authorities say they cannot guarantee safety at the march and so it will not happen. This is a source of huge regret but we must respect their decision.
“Huge numbers were expected in Paris but those people will not be silenced. We will find new, imaginative ways to ensure our voices are heard in the UN conference centre and beyond.”
French campaigner Nicolas Haeringer from added: “The government can prohibit these demonstrations but our voices will not be silenced.
“While our plans in Paris must change, the movement for climate justice will not slow down. Around the world, marches, demonstrations and civil disobedience are all planned for the weeks and months ahead. Together, we will continue to stand against violence and hatred with our peace and resolve.”
According to the campaign group, more than 2,000 events, including 50 major marches, have been planned worldwide as part of the Global Climate March next weekend.
It added many of the events already planned in Paris for the two weeks of the COP21 conference will go forward.