MPs to examine Brexit implications on energy policy

MPs to examine Brexit implications on energy policy

An inquiry exploring the implications of Brexit on the UK’s energy policies has been launched.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee said the nation’s exit from the European Union raises a number of questions the government will need to consider when it negotiates the deal.

It adds while Member States, including the UK, retain sovereignty over their energy mix, parts of UK energy policies have been driven by EU-wide directives and proposals.

Through the inquiry, the Committee aims to understand the implications and determine which policy areas will need to be addressed during the exit negotiations.

It is inviting responses on the extent to which government energy policies in the UK have been driven by the EU and any areas that are currently at risk.

The Committee is also seeking views on what the government should prioritise in the energy sector when negotiating the nation’s exit and the aspects of existing EU policies that are beneficial to the UK.

The deadline for submissions is 14th September.