Small businesses want transparency from Tories

Small business owners expect the Tory government to make sure the energy sector treats them fairly.
Allen Creedy, Energy spokesperson at the Federation of Small Businesses said it’s already hard for small businesses to get a fair deal and “the Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA) has evidence to support this”.
But the FSB is encouraged by the Tories saying they will support the CMA investigation.
Mr Creedy added: “With the Conservative party, they have acknowledged there are problems and they have made a commitment to implement the CMA.
“They are certain things that we are looking for from them now, we’ve had discussions with them beforehand and what we’ll be doing now is having long discussions with them to call them to honour their commitments.
“What we are looking for is policy certainty.”
Mr Creedy also expressed his admiration for outgoing Energy Secretary Ed Davey who lost his seat in the election.
“I think Ed Davey was a very successful and a very ambitious and very forward thinking Secretary of State and we had a very good working relationship with him.
“I think part of the problems he had and DECC had, was that it was a coalition and energy was one of those things that was being pushed and pulled in lots of different directions.”
Mr Creedy concluded the new Energy Secretary should try and bring some policy stability: “So what we’re hoping for now is some kind of certainty and whoever is appointed Secretary of State for energy, I look forward to meeting them and getting that certainty for small and micro businesses so our members can make their plans and they can understand how their costs are going to rise.”