Thumbs up for Hinkley C nuclear connection

Nuclear power plant with a red field


A new connection for the Hinkley C nuclear power station has been granted consent.

DECC has given the thumbs up to National Grid Electricity Transmission for the infrastructure needed to transmit power from the plant.

It will build a new electricity connection between Bridgwater in Somerset and Seabank in Avonmouth and will be the first scheme to use the T-pylon.

The Hinkley Point C power plant in Somerset, being developed by EDF Energy, will include two reactors capable of generating 3.2GW of electricity.

That’s enough to power an area twice the size of London.

Energy Minister Lord Bourne said: “This is a step forward in the Hinkley Point C project, which will play a crucial part in our plan to provide clean, affordable and secure energy for hardworking families and businesses.

“Hinkley represents a major boost for the UK and local economy – powering nearly six million homes and creating more than 25,000 jobs with a significant number for the people of Somerset.”