UK needs ‘57% emissions cut by 2030’

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The government should commit to an emissions cut of 57% by 2030.
That’s in order to reach an 80% cut by 2050 on 1990 levels, according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).
Its fifth carbon budget states new policies are required to obtain this goal.
It adds the UK has “made good progress to date” as “emissions have reduced by 36% on 1990 levels and if current policies are effective will be down by 43% – 46% in 2020”.
The report suggests the UK should aim to heat one in seven homes using low carbon sources as well as have “the majority of new cars bought in the UK partially electric” by 2030.
It also suggests the country should be largely powered by low carbon sources of electricity by this time and “nearly all UK homes should have insulation installed”.
The CCC adds emissions must fall by 52% to meet the fourth carbon budget. The proposed fifth carbon budget continues along that trajectory and would continue to cut emissions at the lowest cost to UK businesses and households, it claims.
These are steady emissions reductions equivalent to 2% per year from 1990-2014, 3% per year from 2014-2030 and 4% per year from 2030-2050.
Lord Deben, Chairman of the CCC, said: “By legislating the fifth carbon budget at the recommended level the government will take the next important step and build on its commitment.”