Ukraine pays $15m ‘for five days’ worth of gas




Russia’s Gazprom said Ukraine has made an advance payment of $15 million (£9.8m) for gas supplies.
That’s enough to cover around five days’ worth of consumption, the state-owned company said.
It comes after Gazprom threatened to cut supplies if no payment was made in advance.
The energy giant’s spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said: “Naftogaz transferred $15m as a prepayment for gas supply in March. The amount has been received by Gazprom.
“This will be enough for 45.6 mcm of gas, which is sufficient for about five more days of supply at the current supply level according to Naftogaz nominations.”
Earlier this week Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement to ensure natural gas supplies to the war-torn nation for the month of March.